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Looking for soundproofing in Dallas Fort Worth? Optimum Soundproofing specializes in installing acoustic and soundproofing materials designed to eliminate noise and enhance sounds from existing speakers that you wish to hear and enjoy. We specialize in home theaters. In addition to soundproofing material, we install custom fabrics on walls or on curtains, and we install columns and stages to turn your media room into a custom home theater.

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Hello, my name is Travis Koch, and our family has over 20 years of experience as soundproofing contractors. We install materials in:

  • Home Theater Rooms
  • Video and Music Studios
  • Offices and Home Schooling Rooms
  • Home Gyms, Bowling Alleys, or Kitchens

…to block unwanted sounds traveling from outside or from room to room. For a Free, No Hassle (Zero Commitment), consultation…Give Us A Call Today!

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Custom Soundproofing Installation

Customization is what separates us from our competitors. While other soundproofing companies limit you to cookie-cutter solutions, we take your dreams and requests and work with your space to create something absolutely unique. Customization is one of the reasons why celebrities and professional athletes continue to work with us.

These are photos of a room that we recently completed (Nov 2022) for J.Simmons #31 of the Denver Broncos. The quality of our work and attention to detail is one of the reasons why our service is often requested outside of Texas.

Quality Soundproofing Services

I remember back when my father first started in this industry. There were literally one or two products to choose from. Fast forward 25 years up to now, and you will find that there are countless products to choose from. Some materials work better than others when installed in rooms with hard surfaces, such as tile and hardwood floors, which is common here in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Having two decades of exposure in the soundproofing service industry gives us the unique advantage of knowing which products will hold up over time, which to stay away from, and which to use in combination with your given space. Our team only works with the best. We use commercial-grade materials in residential homes to ensure showcase results in every installation.

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Acoustic Soundproofing Consultant

If you buy a $20 speaker or a $20,000 speaker, it was designed to sound a certain way. When you place that speaker in a room, the room will cause it to sound differently. When you don’t treat the room, you are only getting a tiny fraction of the experience from that speaker.

We treat rooms so that you get the full experience of your speakers. Our acoustic soundproofing treatments effectively eliminate glaring sounds from repeatedly bouncing off of the walls so that you feel every strum, beat, or sound effect from any movie as they were intended.

Texas’ Soundproofing Experts

Prior to COVID, we were experiencing delays in receiving custom fabrics and materials that we ordered from overseas. Then COVID came along and made that problem even worse. This shortage in supplies has seemed to result in unexpected sticker shock for potential clients, but time and time again I keep seeing our competitors charge more for less superior materials and without customization.

This luxury service can be expensive, but when you hire us just know that you receive your money’s worth and our results continue to show it. We’ve even been called in to fix other soundproofing installers‘ mistakes. Don’t pay double by calling us in to fix your first company’s mistakes. Instead, simply give us a call first. We’re here to help. Give us a call–today!

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